Swan Dewatering Systems pioneer in providing the best dewatering services to residential, commercial and infrastructure construction projects pan India. With more than 10 years of experience in reducing damages caused due to groundwater and providing workable dry environments for construction, we love challenges and continue to work tirelessly to find innovative solutions. We observe, assess and offer technical support 24X7 for all dewatering requirements in projects of every scale and magnitude.

Our Services

Deep well Dewatering

Perfect for deep excavation areas with soil, sand, or rocks and limited space. We are the forerunner in designing and providing the best in class Deep well dewatering systems.

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Surface Dewatering

Ideal for draining water collected from third-party systems or due to rains above ground level . We deliver expert field analysis and execution of Surface dewatering systems.

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French Drain Systems

We offer comprehensive guidance and cutting-edge technical solutions for setting up robust French drain dewatering systems.

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Why Choose Us


More than a decade of providing commendable work and specialized services despite facing severe challenges in the field.

superior quality

The only ISO-certified dewatering company in India serving with state-of-the-art technology.


Content with our work ethic and excellence, clients continue to partner with us.

competitive rates

Assured delivery of higher-value work in comparison to the quoted cost.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 14001:2015

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Their ability to multi-task and yet stick to the deadline has very much astounded me! Because I went to them in November 2016 with a precarious situation which seemed like an unsolvable engineering problem to me. Not only did they solve the problem in a jiffy but they also counter-acted multiple glitches. Overwhelming experience.
Professionalism that was exhibited by them made me feel inclusive. They found the time to explain every step they were taking. It made me feel very reassured and in fact very comfortable to see them working in the construction site.
I chose Swan Dewatering because I barely could find any other service provider who possess the tools and experience under one roof. I knew they had to be extra careful when the boring points were dug in the site, since the silty sand in the site extended way too deep. I felt to myself that the dependability over the company was raising in me.