Deep Well Dewatering

Service Description

Swan Dewatering company uses state-of-art technology to solve groundwater problems that affect a construction. An array of services, like field study, designing, Drilling and installation are clubbed together to arrive at a probable installation method. Our team operates pan India but our offices are located at Chennai, Bangalore and Cochin; you can contact any of these locations for quick assistance.

A deep well system can be used as an adaptable method to drain water out of a ground water table, devoid of the fact that the ground water system has voluminous quantity. It is arrived at by the creation of artificial and temporary wells to drain the water using submersible pump.


Concept Phase

The necessity to remove groundwater before an excavation is made.


Design Phase

Locating borewell points is paramount in such a project which will help in giving information to create a layout.


Big Phase

Multiple points are located and selected to create dewatering points so that many borewells could be drilled instead of one.


Construction Phase

After thorough removal of water , the construction can progress without any hinderance.

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