French Drain Systems

Service Description

French Drains are best used to redirect water away from a building’s foundation. They help prevent structural collapse over time and create a safe surrounding area.


Ideal for

Areas with soil prone to saturation from frequent rain or flooding.


Useful for

Draining underground water nearby the structure after construction.



A perforated pipe is placed on a subsurface trench filled with coarse gravel along the periphery of the building. When the surrounding native soil gets saturated, the water flows through the rock filling the pipe, and is drained away from the land.



Sustainable for buildings in heavy rain areas.

Helps the structure last through its intended life.

Prevents the pooling of water on the surface.

What do we do?

We are experts in guiding through setting up French Drain systems. We collect information on the soil strata and relevant details about the land and the building. The location, level, and slope of the French Drain are then decided, and necessary technical assistance to install the drains is provided.

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