Surface Dewatering

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Service Description

Surface Dewatering is simple, effective, and economical for draining water on the surface of the work area. It can remove the water collected during rainfall, seepage, etc., and help with continuous progress irrespective of the climate.


Ideal for

Areas with cohesive & low-permeable soils.


Useful for

Direct and immediate pumping of accumulated water in the construction site.



A suction hose is placed along the slopes of the excavated area and into the ditches with water. Centrifugal pumps are used to prime and discharge the water.



Quick solution during emergency situations

Ensures project progress in varied climatic conditions

Provides a safer working environment

What do we do?

We evaluate whether a suction hose and pump would be required or if the dewatering can be done through gravity, depending upon the location and the damage caused. We check on the stability of the surrounding soil and adopt suitable methodologies. The construction work can be restarted while the water is continuously pumped out.

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