Baashyaam- Crown Residence

Project Description

Baashyaam Constructions Private Limited is renowned for its high-quality residential buildings. We have partnered with them to provide dewatering services to their new site with two basements located in the heart of Chennai city: Koyambedu.

Challenges Faced

The soil in this site has high plasticity, meaning it tends to become extremely slippery with water. We are playing a crucial role in aiding the project’s progress since this type of soil, even in light rains, makes manpower and equipment access impossible, and dewatering is the only solution to proceed smoothly with the construction. The Chennai Metro Rail pillars pass through the centre of the site as well. This project was started recently at the onset of the monsoon season and is facing severe weather conditions. Our team is doing a beautiful task of draining water for construction at this location.

Project Info

  • Project Name: Baashyaam- Crown Residence
  • Client: Baashyaam Constructions Private Limited
  • Location: Koyambedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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