Project Description

For NUTECH Realty Pvt. Ltd., we are providing dewatering services for their residential apartment called “Nu-tech Elevate 21,” which is being constructed in OMR, Chennai. The structure comprises premium apartments spread across 21 floors with one basement.

Challenges Faced

The building has one Sewage Treatment Plant extending below the basement, so the site had to be dewatered to a greater depth. Since the work started during the monsoon season, we also encountered continuous rainfall, causing water seepage in all directions. As the project location is in the vicinity of the sea, we were given the difficult task of draining hard water. Thankfully, our unique high-end OEM pipes and pumps are capable of handling such issues, and we could perform Deep Well dewatering effectively..

Project Info

  • Project Name: Nu-tech Elevate 21
  • Client: NUTECH Realty Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: OMR, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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