37 Mfar Cunningham

Project Description

37 Mfar Cunningham is a location that hosts an ample commercial space of nearly 220,000 Sq Ft with 16 floors and two basements. We are dewatering the site wherein a previously constructed structure had collapsed due to the pressure of underground water in the building.

Challenges Faced

Due to the prior mishap caused by the water seepage in the area, the client is constructing a steel structure in a top-down approach. We had to dewater the foundation and basement within the almost completed structure. Additionally, there were landslides caused due to heavy rains within the site premises, and on top of this, we had to do Deep well dewatering in a pretty confined work area. Hence, this project proved quite laborious, but we are successfully doing it.

Project Info

  • Project Name: 37 Mfar Cunningham
  • Client: Nostromo Developers LLP
  • Location: Cunningham Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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