The Peak Residential

Project Description

The Peak Residential project by Baashyaam Constructions is a first-of-its-kind elite, minimalistic twenty-storey apartment with two basements and multiple high-rise towers. We are currently delivering dewatering services to this high-end project located at a busy area in Chennai.

Challenges faced

The construction site is close to the main road, so there were issues due to space congestion and traffic, in addition to other factors. We also encountered a high water table and flooding due to rain, as the site was in a low-lying area. Third-party water seepage from a stormwater tank in the vicinity also raised concerns. But we are successfully dewatering amidst all the problems and helping the construction progress.

Project Info

  • Project Name: The Peak Residential
  • Client: Baashyaam Constructions Private Limited
  • Location: Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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